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Nomltest on Flash

[ソース表示] 2005年に制作したシューティングゲームNomltestのFlash移植版です。SiON のPSG音源によるBGM演奏と、CannonML によるモーション制御を行っています。 関連エントリ;ActionScript で Nomltest


CannonML (Cannon Macro Language) は、Flash シューティングゲームの敵の動きや出現パターンを非常に短い文字列で表現できる、DSL (Domain Specific Language)です。 実装例;CannonML – Wonderfl build flash online CannonML CannonML (Cannon Macro Language) provides a Flash shumps pattern generator represented in very very short text. Nomltest on Flash is the best example what CannonML can do. Try cannonML workbench in browser(Press [Language] to change language). Scripting style bs,4,,10bm5,360f10{i30vw90br5,360,2,2f4{i30v~ko}w10ay0.05} This quite cryptic script is used here. Basic tutorials are in workbench. More informations are in the language reference(Japanese). And anthor cannonML script for whole stage, copy and paste it on workbench to start game. Coding style The CannonML library is already installed in Wonderfl. You can check some codes using CannonML. CannonML – Wonderfl…